Dissertation Assistance

The plan of writing a dissertation. In general, the dissertation should identify a problem. Describe why it  is important, what others have done, describe your contribution to the study of the problem, describe your experiments, draw conclusions. So, Chapter 1.Introduction. A brief description of the problem. Why is it important. A brief overview of the […]

Dissertation Guide

How to write Dissertation? So, you are preparing for dissertation writing. Just say it’s hard. Dissertation  guide. First,  plan ahead for future work. Second,  you need patience and perseverance. A general idea. The main thesis-your hypothesis or  conjecture. The dissertation a formal, long work, which aims to protect some  of the thesis. First you have […]

Thecnical colleges and Primary Education

These institutions offer courses that are comparable to the first two years of study at the university and can lead to a degree on the results of a four-year college. In addition, the feature of the community colleges is that they offer courses in general education, technical education and vocational training, which give students a […]

USA Higher Education

U.S. higher education is characterized by considerable diversity training programs, courses and disciplines studied, representing a single social institution, made the most important economic, social and ideological functions. Colleges and universities – the final portion of education: hence american boys and girls go straight line in life. The school is left behind. Procedure for admission […]

High School Graduation

Receiving a diploma of high school graduation To achieve this, the graduates get enough credits to 16 academic courses in the last four years of study. Each course consists of one lesson every day for 18 or 36 weeks. Traditionally, students are recorded on the study of 5-6 courses during the six months, thus gaining […]