Dissertation Assistance

The plan of writing a dissertation.

In general, the dissertation should identify a problem. Describe why it  is important, what others have done, describe your contribution to the study of the problem, describe your experiments, draw conclusions.


  • Chapter 1.Introduction. A brief description of the problem. Why is it important. A brief overview of the work. Statement of its thesis. The text must be easily readable.
  • Chapter 2. Definitions. It describes only the new terms. Definitions must be precise and concise.
  • Chapter 3.Concept. Describe the basic concept that lies at the heart of your work. If necessary, add another chapter to give an additional argument about the problem.
  • Chapter 4.Experiments. Describe the results of his experiments that confirm your thesis.
  • Chapter 5.Conclusion and effect. Describe the changes and other applications of the main ideas.
  • Chapter 6.Conclusion. How and what has been learned. What studies are possible in the future.


A short (few paragraphs) summary of the the  dissertation.

The easiest way to write a thesis ,is to start with the chapters that describe your research. Then make a chapter on definitions. You can then write a conclusion. And only then the introduction. And finally resume.