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Several Tips For Writing A Good Personal Statement

If you are going to study at a university, you are generally expected to send an application, which includes a personal statement. Probably a vast majority of students have not heard anything about this part of the application process before.
However, all prospective students should realize the importance of their personal statement. In fact, this is another step towards making your dream true.
Personal statement from should prove you are the best candidate
If you know exactly which study program is the most suitable and interesting for you, the personal statement is just a good opportunity to explain your motivation to an admission officer of the selected university. Remember that it should express your personality and reveal what you can contribute to the alma mater. There are usually numerous applicants claiming each available vacancy, so you have to persuade the officer that you are the right person worth being selected.
The personal statement should be written by yourself to express your personality the best. The university wants to get information about you, not your friends or parents. Along with that, writing this kind of paper requires some skill.
The importance of the opening paragraph
Generally, a personal statement should not exceed 4000 characters. The opening paragraph is the most important part inviting to continue reading. If you succeed to catch the reader’s attention, he will read the paper to the end and maybe remember you.
Do not include banal phrases into the opening paragraph. Try to be interesting and memorable. For this end, using some joke or your personal experience can be helpful.
The main purpose of this part is catching the reader’s attention.
Prove your fitness
The further relation should reveal your desire to become a professional in a selected area and highlight relevant skills you have.
Explain who or what helped you to choose the university. Write about any relevant experience or knowledge you have. Tell how good you are due to great desire and knowledge you have.
About 80% of the information you provide in the paper should be academic. The rest 20% may focus on revealing your general positive skills, such as being good at sports or music.
Memorable conclusion
You should come up with a memorable conclusion to persuade the reader that you are a proper candidate and that the course of study will really help you build a brilliant career.
General recommendations
Be concise, but spare no any significant information. Try to avoid meaningless words, but provide all facts you believe to be important. The tone of your statement should be formal, so avoid colloquial expressions. The general mood should be positive, so do not describe any difficulties or personal problems.
Write by yourself
Try to compose your application without somebody else’s help. Remember, you are expected to express your own opinion and personality. Along with that, you may ask somebody to check your grammar or spelling, of course.

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