High School Graduation

Receiving a diploma of high school graduation

To achieve this, the graduates get enough credits to 16 academic courses in the last four years of study. Each course consists of one lesson every day for 18 or 36 weeks. Traditionally, students are recorded on the study of 5-6 courses during the six months, thus gaining more than 20 courses in 9-12th grades. Each compulsory school subject is usually split up into smaller classes. This is typical for large secondary schools, where the number of small divisions can be 20-30 disciplines.
For example, the obligatory to study the English language are: composition, American literature and creative writing, but the credit may be obtained by visiting and courses such as modern writers, journalism, literature of the “black” America, etc. In the field of social sciences of short courses highlighted the “social issues”, “communism”, “history of minorities in the United States,” etc.

Many U.S. schools for matriculation time spent studying cooking and driving, equivalent to the time devoted to the study of mathematics, chemistry, history, biology and English.

The Commission recommended to improve education high school graduates in the last four years, mandatory study of the latest achievements of the five “basic subjects”, forming the core of the modern school curriculum: English (4 years), Mathematics (3 years), Science (3 years), social science (3 years), the mastery of computer literacy (0.5 years). In addition, students who wish to continue their studies in higher education must undergo two years of foreign language course.

For the most talented students develop special courses, similar in content to the university, sometimes for employment is allocated a separate teacher, and after school so the children are given letters to facilitate their entry into prestigious universities.