Top 5 Medical Universities

The competition for medical schools from the world’s leading universities is so fierce that only the most talented students can do it. But the entrance exams are just the beginning. Medical students expect years of intensive study, then long hours of practice, night guards, hours of service.

It is a career for motivated and persevering people, with a tireless thirst for new knowledge, ready to work at the limit of their possibilities. However, the significant physical and emotional stress is more than offset by salary level and status.

If you think that medicine is your calling, then you should target the following universities.


Oxbridge (University of Oxford / University of Cambridge)

“An overwhelming experience” is how one of the Oxford students describes his first year of medical school. Oxford and Cambridge, the two most renowned universities in England, are in the top ranks and in the list of the best medical universities. A win-win choice!

Harvard University

At Harvard, the greatest discoveries are made in the area of ​​basic medicine. Students here have unique research opportunities in biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and stem cells. In 2009, Jack Shostack, professor of genetics at Harvard, received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of telomeres: the parts of a DNA molecule that prevent cells from aging. Going to Harvard means participating in the development of high-tech medicine.

University College London (UCL)

In 1997, UCL merged several renowned London healthcare establishments under its aegis. In one of them – St. Mary’s Hospital School of Medicine – in 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the world’s first antibiotic. World-class infrastructure allows UCL scientists to carry out research today that radically changes the face of medicine.

Stanford University

Stanford Doctors were the first to synthesize an artificial DNA molecule, the first to perform heart transplants, the first to isolate mouse stem cells, and invented a technique that allowed the ovaries of sterile women to produce eggs . It is without reservation a first-rate medical university.

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University medical students are trained in conditions as close as possible to combat as they are practiced in the best university hospital in the United States. 33 state-of-the-art operating rooms, 902 laboratories, daily studies with top doctors: the Baltimore, Maryland medical school is a recognized brand in the healthcare world. One of the best options for those who wish to work with real patients.