USA Higher Education

U.S. higher education is characterized by considerable diversity training programs, courses and disciplines studied, representing a single social institution, made the most important economic, social and ideological functions.

Colleges and universities – the final portion of education: hence american boys and girls go straight line in life. The school is left behind.

Procedure for admission and selection of applicants to U.S. universities according to their type and prestige, and based on that can be open, competitive and selective. There are no uniform requirements for applicants. In particular, some institutions for lease by competitive examinations, interviews, testing, for others the only condition is the presence of secondary education (for example, open enrollment in two-year colleges). General requirement for admission to higher education is to provide certificates of completion of upper secondary school, a list of subjects studied at school taken and assessments; total scores on tests of ability and knowledge, recommendations, specifications and teachers of the school administration, the results of the interview on admission.

The important role played by a letter of the church, description of the work in public organizations, documents, participation in school competitions, festivals, scientific and technological circles, sporting events, amateur, etc. A very important motivation is given the choice of the university, the faculty, the future trade .

A number of American universities and colleges are answered by students through a competitive tender documents to complete high school. However, the most prestigious universities arrange competitive selection tat as enrollments far exceeded the capacity of educational institutions.

Given the desire and aptitude, school performance, material resources, applicants often submit applications simultaneously in several universities in order to enroll in one of them. Typically, entrance examinations (tests) are carried out by specialized services (eg, testing service for education, the Examination Board for admission to colleges). Colleges and universities are announced in advance, what tests they offer and how much points you need to dial to enter.